• React
  • Emotion
  • Firebase

Bookshelf is an app that allows people to create and share their book collection with others.

  • Objective

    Create a way to share a list of books I own with family and friends in order to allow them to purchase or recommend books I don't already own.
  • Process

    Design and develop a simple UI for creating, sharing and viewing book collections.
  • Solution

    A React app that utilizes the Google Books API in order to allow users to maintain and share a digital bookshelf.

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge while working on this app was coming up with a design that was simple and intuitive enough for someone like my mom to navigate it confidently.

What I Learned

With this project, I was able to dig into both React Hooks and Firebase's new Firestore for management of realtime data. I had also never used Emotion for styling in my React app and wanted to see how it compared to Styled Components.

Up Next

I made this app with the intention of keeping a list of books we have received as gifts for our daughter. This way rather than sending a wish list that might exclude someone's idea of the perfect book, I can send a list that allows someone to feel confident that they are purchasing her something she doesn't already own. I want to explore ways to integrate this with a wish list and maybe expand functionality to allow people to more easily access and search through a group of friends' books.